Separate Hostel for boys and girls are available with all accomodation facilities. For any query

+2 Commerce( All Papers) 

+3 Commerce( All Problem papers and major theory papers)&n

A  well equiped library with Reference books, Sample Papers, Previous Years Question papers

Printed Study Materials for all subjects are provided to the students along with soft copy. 

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Hacked By AdGhosT


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Founder Message

Dear students,
In present age, there is enough opportunity in every field but Commerce is exceptional. It is very rare to find a commerce student sitting idle. But my perception is something Read More...

Success Stories

The Candidates Make Us proud

Nidhi Agarwal

Nothing can come close to the inspirational presence of a teacher like you in a studen

Samrudha Nayak
2nd RANK in Odisha B.COM 2016

DAS Sir are truly the actual Guru....the best ever teacher I ever met in my life

Latest INFO

Latest Info For Das Tutorial

A special program organised on the eve of Republic Day 2017.

fresh batch started in feb 2017. Fore more Information for next batch contact in our office today.